Free time.

Basically I have lots of free time and I thoroughly enjoy art, drawing and painting. Hence I have decided to create a blog about my interest and to show to interested people my talent at art. Last month I sold my two first paintings to an interested teacher in my ex-highschool. She had no true knowledge of art, but she really liked my work. I was extremely to pleased to hear this, as I had not planned on selling any of my work. I do art, because I enjoy it, it is fun, but still hard work...

I shall be posting here some of my old works, new works, and perhaps ideas for future works of art. I am studying to become an architect, hence I might also reveal some architectural studies and models here once they are done.

The name of this blog is due to the fact that I love Muse (an English rock band) and their second album is called Origin of Symmetry. Hence I decided to 'steal' their name/idea. If they ever come here and see that what I have done, I hope they will contact me.

Hopefully I will be able to keep this blog up and share my world with you.