Sketchbook (1)

Hello there,

I will be posting nice (and not so nice) small sketches and little doodles I make daily. If I do not have time to make any new small 'masterpiece', I shall eventually go through my 3 old sketchbooks. This might reveal you some of my old sketching talents (even though I have to admit that I so much better than I was in 2007/08).

Well, this small A4 is not exactly a finished 'sketch'. I just felt like drawing extremely precisely and to try how my bold black lines contrast with an impressionistic effect. If I had to choose a collection of works to put this into, it would be the 'Purple Sunrise' collection I have recently started working on. (date drawn 24/05/2010)

Underneath are two of my other ongoing pieces of work:

I shall be posting more sketches here, and then once I have enough people following I might attempt to go large scale on canvas with perhaps acrylics or oil. (I have never tried oil)

If anyone bothers reading these, please, do not be afraid to comment or ask questions. I shall be happy to answer to anything.