Friday 20th

Some photography of a model I just decided to build our of sheer lack of things to do. I also acknowledge that some of the names of the posts in this blog (especially the ones that will be names Friday (insert number)) are not the most original choice of name for a post. However, I think it is cool to keep track of my 'Friday' posts, that I shall do every single week regardless of circumstances. Yes, I shall keep my blog posted, even on the Friday 21st of December 2012. Every-one obviously knows that day is the end of the world, but I do not care really. It won't stop me posting here on Fridays. (according to reliable sources there should be 121 Fridays before that date)

I took these photos a while back actually; most of them are Black & White, but I have around half of them in psychedelic colours. Fancy a look at them, and if you did not check my blog, since last Friday (13th), I posted a work I did this week called: Dance Dance Dance. I was inspired by the book of Haruki Murakami, which I finished reading yesterday afternoon. After finishing it I already started reading my next Murakami; 'A Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World'. Sounding very interesting, but anyhow, photos underneath: