Friday 27th

This week has been quite interesting for me. I have woken up early in the morning almost every day, talked with people in the USA when my day is about to begin and their has just about ended. On Tuesday it was my sisters birthday. On Monday and on Wednesday I ran 7.5km, and expecting to achieve the same tomorrow. On Thursday I enjoyed sushi and a beer with some ex-classmates, and today (Friday 27th of August) I just passed my driving test. Yes, it means I am legally allowed to drive on my own. Congratulations me.

On the art side, I have drawn every single day. I have applied the rule of 'none dia sine linea' (No day without a line). However, the amount of lines I make in a day amounts to more days than I have lived on earth. Underneath are some sketches I have done this week:

I am thoroughly enthusiastic about what future shall bring my way. Hopefully lots of fun, challenges and achievements!

(updated: PINK - Potentially Infamous and Noxious Kommuikations):

Vili (updated 21/01/2011)