Friday 17th

Hello there,

Today is Friday 17th of September. Probably, and most likely, the third last Friday I will be spending at home this year (2010). I am leaving to Newcastle on Tuesday, and I am certain that it will be awesome.

On the art side, I haven't drawn a lot this week. However, I have been purchasing some materials and equipment that I require for Architectural Studies.

This is basically everything I did. A rather plain composition work with shadows and very little colour. I don't know if I will continue it one day. Perhaps I shall.

So basically I am being an exhibitionist by showing you a glimpse of some of the materials I have at home. Don't ask me why I have two pairs of scissors, because I have no idea. I just do. From the 'required list' I am missing certain things on this photo. For instance: low-tack tape (masking tape) that my sister stole from me this very morning, a modelling knife, charcoal (which I hate), a rubber and a A1 Plywood Drawing Board.

I hate charcoal, because it is: difficult to use, dirty, it breaks too easily and it isn't precise enough. I believe you can fake a charcoal drawing by using a black colour pencil and photoshop. I will try it some time. However, I own charcoal, but it is somewhere in a dark place where it, very honestly, belongs.