Friday 24th

So yeah, it has been a busy week for me, as I arrived to Newcastle-upon-Tyne on Tuesday. Normally I would draw much more, but I have been so concentrated on sorting all important minutiae of university life: smart card, bank account, registered with a GP, had a party, cooked, shopped, drank coffee at Starbucks, twice, and bought part of the books in need to find time to read.

Basically this kind of intense action has not given me lots of time to draw (considering I haven't drawn a lot, I realized that I actually had; maybe I am so used to drawing that I don't notice the fact that I draw a lot). However, I did some very rough and fast sketches at home in Belgium before starting university life. They are underneath:

I know the angle of the photography is not the best, but I did not want my shadow to be on the photos. The light in my room is not good for photography anyway. It is so early in the morning, and I am exhausted, so I shall have a good night of sleep. (I will probably wake up at 5 am again, but I will try sleeping)