Mademoiselle Cat

Let me introduce you to ‘Mademoiselle Cat’. He is a cat. Yes, I know mademoiselle means ‘Miss’, but this cat is a he, nevertheless. He calls himself that. Do not ask me why. If you are wondering how I know this, the explanation is rather straightforward: cats are able to communicate with me. However, I am not able to communicate with cats. That is rather frustrating from time to time. Especially when I wish to convey my feelings to a cat: I miao miao to them, but they always ask me why I am yawning.

I met Mademoiselle Cat one rainy day in Belgium. Like most Belgian cats, he thoroughly enjoys the rain, the colour red, eating (red) pastries, expensive chocolate, cherries, strawberries, apples, and is petrified of cameras. This specific cat turns into timber when he is confronted with the lens of a camera. He says he cannot help it; it just happens.

A week after meeting Mademoiselle Cat, he told me that I ought to follow him everywhere he goes. I wondered why, but couldn’t ask him. Therefore I decided to follow him. This is what happened:

MC: Red is my favourite colour. It is the colour of cats, communism, passion and blood. Additionally, some lights are red. That’s why I like red.

Sometimes Mademoiselle Cat finds himself in tough situations since he is looking for red things inside pots, pans, glasses, bottles, wells or any other kind of holes.

When MC is not looking for red artefacts, he normally enjoys being outside in the rain. However, I am not such a big fan of being outside when it rains, so I was unable to take a picture of him enjoying the rain. I actually thought I would try to catch him one day when he takes a shower. He claims that rain cools him down because apparently, he is very hot.

[to be continued... (when it rains)]