Sketchbook (2)

Unfortunately the summer months have ended and its September! According to Wikipedia, in 1752, the British Empire adopted the Gregorian Calendar. Because of that, in the British Empire in that year, September 2 was immediately followed by September 14. Interesting. (Poor people born between the 3rd and 13ths of September: their anniversaries were ruined in 1752)

This is the second post called 'Sketchbook' that I have posted on my blog (more shall follow). I have selected several sketches, which I have completed throughout the time I have been drawing. Some of them are for pure fun, some are to practice drawing skills and some were for school work. Enjoy looking at them and don't hesitate to comment. Unfortunately the summer months have ended and its September!

These two sketches is what I sometimes use for a background when I draw. You can get really nice background, especially by printing them out in a blurred way: somehow erratic backgrounds are better than simply leaving a space blank, or colouring it in a monotonely.

This is a very early sketch I did in school for a work based on stairs as passage-ways towards something. I have already posted the finished work in my blog. This is here to make clear that sketches are important development points in a work of art: what comes before a finished work might not be seen by every-one, but it does exist somewhere: here.

This sketch is also for a school work and similarly it relates to a finished painting, which can be also found on this blog: here.

School work relating to reflections. My art teacher taught us the 'art' of using mirrors and reflections to ones benefit. For instance, I have tried to apply this technique in photography: the effects can be quite cool, or then just a failure. At least I try.

These three final sketches are simply for fun. I must have had some kind of idea behind them, but I cannot be bothered explaining. The first one is clearly some kind of doodle. The second one is my practice of drawing and shading spheres (which can be challenging and time-consuming). Finally, the third sketch has to do with contrasts: some sort of juxtaposition of happiness and sadness, which passed in my life.

Sketchbook (1) can be found by clicking here.
Sketchbook (2) can be found by being on this page... since it is the second sketchbook post.

Photography can be found by clicking here.

Hopefully, this has been rather enjoyable. (Do not click on the publicity links on the side-bar; I might get some money if you do (apparently). And I certainly don't want any)

Thanks for reading.