Friday 1st

Friday 1st of October has been most likely my most favourite artistic day in my whole life... Why? I took lots of photographs at a really nice night club at the Freshers' Week Finale at the Gate in Newcastle. After not much sleep, us, the architecture students went to draw at four different locations directed by an artist at the Fine Art building. The buildings that I saw today were literally amazing. The way I see architecture has radically evolved within the last week. I shall be posting here the photos of the things I drew tomorrow morning...

And henceforth the sun rose in the horizon. (Yes, it is a sunny morning in Newcastle-upon-Tyne - a Saturday morning!) My mother has amazing boots:

Seriously. Some-one told me boots can NOT look good. That person probably lacks a certain amount of imagination, because these boots are so 'nice'. And I choose to use the word nice, because the boots fit the definition of nice: "pleasant; agreeable; satisfactory" or "fine or subtle". I could have used words like 'rubbery' or 'flowery' but those would have been rather obvious, since they are boots.

Drawing drawing drawing. Yesterday (I mean Friday the 1st), was amazing; I was so inspired. I haven't drawn that much since... ever. I believe they (the tutors and professors) are attempting to brainwash into creative drawing machinery. Is that not what architects are till a certain extent?>

Today > Beach BBQ

Friday drawings beneath.

A one-hour drawing of the Dance city of Newcastle. We were only allowed to use charcoal - nothing else, but charcoal, our hands and eyes. And every-one should know that I am absolutely passionately in love with charcoal - I remember mentioning this here.

(I need to do some shopping - and shall hence finish posting later) :)

/> So yeah, had a lovely time at the beach with the architecture/other students. The weather was absolutely brilliant. It could not have been much better. Mental note: beach is an amazing place - go there all the time with nice people for optimal happiness. I should perhaps make a short movie about the things we did on the beach; shall see if I am not extremely tired at night. But for tonight (Saturday - 02.10.2010), I will post the following pictures: (cross fingers that people will like the way they loook)