Eye of the Tiger

Psychosis - Turbulence

Internet, Facebook, Mobile phone, Music, Writings and Materials all seem to have disappeared from my mind. I have a photographic memory, but in my peculiar case I forgot everything for about 2 weeks. Now I am doing better. What I learned from my psychosis is that 4G, nanotechnology, combined with texture, colour, and vapour therapy can have healing influences on Brain Chemistry. "Mens sana en corpus sanum"

Brainchemistry: Intellectual architecture; the world is what a person perceives, a photograph of the matrix from a set point, angle, frame, tone, light or dark. As brainarchitects we can modify the world on the move:

*The eye as a super effective camera
*'The eyes of the skin' by Juhani Pallasmaa.
*The senses of the body.

The architecture of the mind is the architecture of the person. Everybody has and architecture at a personal level digitally now. The way a person perceives a street through his/her mind 'eye' is different depending on his type of 'eye mind'.

The Lost Hard Drives:
*A set hard-drive is a solid set of facts. By losing this, we can only advance. Just lose it, create anew; your matrix is forever changing the perception of the built world, what you notice is what there is, however there are always more things out there that you are unable to notice.


"Cannot relax if Digital/Mental architecture is non-relaxing

Vili (13.11.2010)