Nightmares & Dreams

Nightmares work as self-terrorism & prepare the mind to all eventual situations of endangerment. Nightmare therapy might help study the way the brain works in situations of acute stress. The problem is that people can't foresee what they will dream about beforehand.

Everyone dreams. Even animals dream. Its a way to prepare the body for the exercises of the following day. Dreamless sleep could be compared to a coma.

The works I post into this blog have many personal meanings that I have come to understand through dreaming. Especially works that have had many phases of development follow the idea of dreaming and then using the idea further.

This work is called "PIKKU-MYY" like the Greek symbol used in Gravity or the character from the Moomins by Tove Jansson.

The Gravity of the situation can only be seen when the colours are understood properly. What powers to colours hold?

In this work green clearly symbolizes the ground into which gravity pulls us all. The blue is the colour of the sky at midday. All the colours in between are the colours of sunset and sunrise, which are happening all the time at some part of our planet. Simultaneously it is gravity that makes light bend when it comes into contact with the atmosphere and creates a prism of infinite colours,