Project 1: Falling leaves

I am now back at university studying Architecture: our first project was to build something out of paper in groups of around 8 people in 5 days. We based our design on the colours and themes of autumn. Especially the colourful fallen leaves that will fall from the trees in the coming weeks. We ended up by making a 5 metre-long canopy made of small paper rings. This structure was supposed to be about 2 and a half metres above a small path in Newcastle called Lovers Lane. We succeeded in making the canopy and managed to put it up. Very many people walk through Lovers Lane every single day. My estimate is that about 500 people must have walked under our structure in the two hours it was up.

Here are some of the pictures I took on Friday 7th of October 2011, when it was up:

Photos can be found on the APL website.

Steve Dudek took this video of most of the paper structures that were to be seen all around campus: