Professional Studies Week 1

Professional Studies Week 1:

This week we started a three week Professional studies non-design project. We are supposed to sketch extensively, train our free-hand sketching skills, produce a threshold study and a measured drawing. We will be learning how to make sections, plans and elevations.

Tuesday - We were put into groups and given a location within Newcastle. My location was more specifically the top floor of the city library. We were told to do sketches of the space and realize an atmospheric drawing. I have done them already, but I shall post them on Week 2 of Professional Studies that I will be posting later.

On Wednesday and Thursday we had to produce some free-hand drawings of our neighbourhood and our room. I did enjoy this, but the weather was not great to do many drawings outside.

Friday - We went to a trip to Warkworth, a small village north of Newcastle. There is a castle in Warkworth and we needed to make sketches there. The threshold study needed to be made within set locations in the village. It was really cold in the morning, so I did not really manage to do 8 drawings in 2 hours, but I am certainly going to finish them off some time before our final pin-up.

These are 2 pages of sketches I did in the city library. I didn't bother going into too much detail, since they are simply sketches. I should have perhaps written down more notes about the place, the way the light behaves, shadows, materials, how it feels to be there etc.

Warkworth castle and some notes I did before the trip.
Arches to the Quadrangle. I bought some colour pens after doing this drawing. I was kind of low in cash, so I wasn't too keen on spending a lot of money.

I did do many sketches during the 1st week. I thought I would do as much on the 2nd week, but so far I have a feeling I have not...