Project 2: A Shelter for Daydreams

This was a two week design project to design a small 2.5m x 3m = 7.5m² beach hut. Additionally we had to work in our sketchbooks, make 3 study models, a final, well crafted, model and an atmospheric drawing.

The beach hut had to be for whatever personal use we wanted it to be for: for instance relaxing, storage, sleeping, working etc. My idea was to have a hut in which I could work, design etc. I wanted my working to be rather private, so the idea was to have a three-way division between an open, half-open and closed space, by a clever usage of windows. The biggest windows would be in the east side of the hut where the door would be. After a series of stairs that would create a stage-like feeling, you would have to descend into the slightly larger working area...

Here are some pictures of what I did during the two weeks. (I did have 13 pages of drawings and writing on my sketchbook, and made 4 study models, a final model, and my atmospheric drawing...)

Obviously, as we had to start somewhere, I started by doing some rough sketches with ideas on my sketchbook, and ended up doing my first study model. Study models are not really supposed to be very well made, since they are simply supposed to convey a kind of idea...

I did make two more models, but they did not really work towards what I ended up with:

This is a cardboard version of my beach hut; it is almost similar to my final model. I implemented lots of different things into this design: there is an elevation with stairs (stairs cannot be seen in this model yet...), more windows, a kind of pattern in the south and north walls and the height has been increased by around a metre. All models had to be 1:20 scale. So in this model the roof would be around 3.5m high (pretty high for a beach hut). In the first one it was only 2.4m, which is around the height of a normal ceiling.

Foam board model: this is my final model sans stairs (I did make them after taking this picture). I attempted to put in the windows using acetate, but unfortunately the effect it created wasn't what I had hoped for so I decided to remove it. Hence you need to imagine a door in the middle of a 3.5m glass wall/window. A clever idea would have been to have some storage space under the elevated part, however I did not think of that before the final review.

Finally, this is my atmospheric drawing, looking out from inside the beach hut: it is attempting to get a feeling of what it would like to be inside the hut. It is made using charcoal on an A2 hardback (I think) paper. I did do another one, but I chose this one for the final review, since it was better.

In the future I shall be making a post with all the 100+ final models, and some of the 24 (best) selected hut designs, as I did take some pictures of them today at the Architecture building. I just need to upload the photos.