Other bridges

These are videos of the other bridges failing under their maximum load:

Note that no group was allowed to use any kind of glue.

Flat mdf and string - 540N.

This was the strongest of all the bridges. It looked as resistant as it was. Steve even went with a 200N weight straight on. The sound it made when breaking was quite impressive.

Card and mdf - 65-70N

One of the weaker bridges, but nevertheless an original design. I kind of expected it to be stronger.


Mdf and Dowel - 520N

Very very impressive. It was slightly tilted towards the crowd, didn't really look as strong as it was. I am certain it could have taken more, but unfortunately it didn't beat the Flat Mdf and string.

Mdf and String - 240N

This bridge was called HMS Sexybeast. It won, because it was simply elegant. However it didn't take a lot of weight. But it was quite slim.

Card - 90N

Card and Paper - 130N

Card and String - 65N

This one could have taken a bit more, but it rolled over...

Unfortunately card isn't the best material, because there aren't many ways you can make it stronger like paper.

Good Effort every-one!!