Professional Studies Week 2

Professional Studies Week 2:

As our brief clearly states, the second week of Professional Studies is 'for measuring and producing measured drawings of a space'. Additionally we are supposed to finish all drawings we started or didn't do during the first week. So basically quite a lot. I did a preliminary threshold study, a rough atmospheric drawing & took some photographs of my space. The complicated part of the task at hand is to choose a quality, which we want to convey in our final A1 presentation.

The task of the second week was mainly to measure and produce a measured drawing, which I did. It was the first time I did do this in my life and the tutors were kind enough to encourage me, along with the others in my group, to redraw our 1:100 plans and sections again and again to produce the best quality we possibly could. (To be honest I don't think I am still completely done with my final drawing - hopefully this will change over the week-end)

Yeah, so this is a threshold study; fortunately I just did this to try different materials. I doubt this will be my final threshold study, because I still have time to do a new one.

So I decided to start on my actual threshold study; I did the outlines of what I wanted it to be. Now I simply need to fill it in with colour... somehow.

This is a photo of us measuring and estimating the total height of our space. I noticed afterwards that my section needs to have the windows that can be seen at the top of the photograph.

This was a rough atmospheric sketch I did on the 5th of November while I was exploring different ways of displaying my final A1. If I just stuck these two related pictures on an black A1, it would look simple, maybe a bit too simple: but perhaps bold. (or then I would just fail...)

After multiple attempts at doing these 1:100 measured drawings, I feel I am slowly getting there. Obviously these two need a little bit of filling in still, but they are pretty much the best ones I have managed to far. The tough part about the plan is that we need to draw 15 two square millimetres in area tiny beams, which have to be exactly the same size. This needs a lot of practice to be perfect and one mistake can be lethal...