Professional Studies Week 3 (Final Week)

Professional Studies Week 3

By Thursday 10th of this week we needed to have finished everything: A1 presentation, A3 threshold study and some sketchbook work. We needed to leave all these things in our studio to be marked on the following Friday (11.11.11).

I took some photos of what I did during this final week of the Professional Studies project.

So after the Monday lecture I bought a black A1 mounting board and thought of the way I would put all my drawings, pictures and writing on it. I started slowly drawing on my sketchbook. I wasn't sure if I would do it in landscape or portrait, but I was more happy with the way portrait worked for me.
This is pretty much what my final layout would look like. Although the tutors totally challenged my layout, because I was missing one picture and my theme 'contemplation of light' or 'contemplating light' wasn't really shown. They also wondered why I was using a black background and asked me if I had thought about white. I wanted the black to contrast with the white papers and to create a framework for the A1. This would contrast with the framework of the space.

This photo was taken most likely on Wednesday night after thorough work. I drew my final measured drawings and printed everything. I also finished my atmospheric drawing... I wasn't sure how to stick everything on my board: hence I tried different methods with scrap paper.I ended up talking with some second years about alternative layouts, but I didn't really like this one as much as my original portrait layout. They partially agreed. After all it is subjective.

And I finished all by sticking the photos etc on my board. This is what it looks like. Hopefully I will get a relatively decent grade.

This is one of the photos I took for my night panorama on Monday night (5 pm is already 'night' in Newcastle).

Daytime photograph showing the contemplation of light.

I additionally did some work on my threshold study. I tried to do another one, but wasn't inspired. So I decided to submit the study I did on the day I was in Warkworth.

I additionally worked on my sketchbooks a little bit: I ended up having 23 pages of A4 work and 17 pages of A3 work. Though most of the A3 work was doing my measured drawings until I felt happy with it.

Next week: we build a bridge (and I believe Steve will do his very best to destroy it after countless hours of building it - and he will succeed, or will he?) See the bridges here
PS (24.11.2011) - I got 66% from this project: that is a 2.1 so I am quite happy about it. :)