Project 3: A Place of Refuge (Week 1)

Project 3: A Place of Refuge (Week 1)

The first week of this project we were supposed to start thinking of designs for a cabin and an artist's studio in a site in Kielder forest in England. Additionally we were supposed to do some research on precedents and think what we would want the place to be like.

On Friday we traveled to Kielder: it was an interesting trip, because of the weather. It hailed, snowed, rained, it was windy, cold, and the sun appeared for about an hour while we were drawing at the site. The whole trip was supposed to give us an insight of what it would be like to be there as a traveling artist, and to let us do some site analysis. It was also important because we were able to take photographs and draw, even though it was rather cold and most people's hands were freezing.

I enjoyed it.

Some research sketchbook photos:

Kielder panorama:

Kielder photo:

Kielder sketchbook drawings:

Next week we will be taking this information and trying to come up with some actual designs: we will make some study models for instance. I hope the 'translating' of the site research of the site into building will be an enjoyable task.