Photography: Newcastle Quayside

I was feeling very inspired and I went to the Quayside in Newcastle to take some pictures of the bridges at sunset on Saturday. In the three months I had been in Newcastle so far I had never been there with my camera. I had to remedy that. I just love playing with reflections. They are not always obvious. One has to look for them.

"I Promise you're not just a waitress"

See what I did there. The first picture was from quite far away looking at the Tyne bridge, then I focused on two reflections from slightly closer up, after that I went further to take a reflection of a detail behind the bridge and finally I looked back at the bridge from the other direction.

  • Panoramas:

So after taking some reflection pictures of the bridges I decided to do some panoramic pictures using the help of my little friend Photoshop. Unfortunately, these pictures might be of a lesser quality in order to simplify uploading...

Unfortunately I didn't really manage to upload this photo nicely so that you can actually see it properly.