Project 3: A Place of Refuge (Final Week)

Project 3: A Place of Refuge (Final Week - pre deadline)

This project started with the first week with a trip to Kielder forest.

All models.

These are my three 1:100 study models upon which I started my designs. I based some of my concepts on these designs. Separation, repetition, stairs and pathway.

Study model at 1:50 from exterior and interior.

Two photos of the interior of the final model. Some other phots if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the post.

Right now, roughly 30 hours from the deadline of the project I took some photographs of the major work that I have done so far.

"A Passage to Shelter - ..."

"Architectural promenade; straight into small zigzag stairway, left 180 degrees, up 3 stairs, right towards the door, an enclosed passageway, studio opens up to its full height, at the left there is the studio with two separate parts, each symmetrical, proceed to exterior patio with glazed roof, to the right there is a rather small decking with a platform for sculptors. Through the door to the cabin, the material of the flooring changes once again. There is a kitchen with hearth and table to the left, to the right a rhythm of windows, which create a repetitive mood to the cabin. Bed platform is at the end of the building next to the toilet. Additionally there is storage space next to toilet.

The whole building is made from European Redwood, except the external patio, which is black stone. White partition wood in the interior that is easy to paint if required.
The tables of the studio are cleverly designed to that they perfectly fit a slot. There are slots at different heights; hence the tables are easily configurable to the taste of the artists working there. They can even be put totally to ground level in order to maximize the wall-space.
Started with sketchbook work by getting some inspiration from several different precedents (like Villa Mairea, by Alvar Aalto for instance). Then I started looking at some simple ways of getting suitable areas for the cabin and studio. After visiting Kielder I developed a concept for my design – repetition and modular design. I explored the site with small study models and chose one of the designs to continue looking at. I looked at materials, and had several additional ideas about rhythm etc (like music).
I thought about different materials for stages of the architectural promenade."

That was some writing that mainly has the ideas that I might insert into my presentation.

Today and tomorrow morning I still need to accomplish:

1/Final Model improvements - toilet skylight, chimney holes, trees? and the stairway.

2/For the 1:50 study model on site - the actual site and some new stilts.

3/The Plan and Section need to be done properly with doors and windows etc.

4/The A2 board needs to be done - Photos need to be selected for it.

Almost everything ready... Just need to finish the A2 board, and smoothen some other things.

In theory I have done the plan and section at 1:50, but I think I will retrace it to correct slight mistakes I made.

Experiential sketch with some 1:50 study model photos.

Sketch plan - looking at the different furniture/rooms in the cabin and studio.

Site plans with some sketch-up modelling going on...

Photographs of 1:50 study model made from 4mm Plywood. Different light conditions.

Some sketchy interior views. Not especially well drawn. I suppose they are rather atmospheric.

Sketch-up model showing flow within building.

Contrasting photos of final model and study model at 1:50 scale.

How I would like my design to look like. Looking at the flow inside the building.

Some theory of design concepts and planning of A2 board layout. Will it be landscape or portrait? Probably landscape.

The Final model from outside.

Photos of the crits can be seen on the APL website.