Project 3: A Place of Refuge (Week 2)

Project 3: A Place of Refuge (Week 2)

After going to Kielder and the first week on our third project (A Place of Refuge), we started designing with small 1:100 models. We were supposed to take into account a variety of factors. I could name them all, but I am too tired to do that right now, so just have a look at what I have accomplished this week.

After doing some small section and plan designs I decided to try to draw some perspective drawings on what it would feel like to be inside the studio. These are supposed to be simple and rough. I based my first study model on these drawings and the ideas I got during my Tuesday tutorial.

First study model finished: the studio is at the left with a big south window. The cabin is slightly elevated. The lower ceiling is supposed to make it cozier than the studio, which has lots of light.

Some ideas I had after having built my first study model - these ideas brought the second study model:
The second study model played with the idea of having the studio elevated quite considerably above the cabin. In this model I wanted to have the two buildings slightly connected to each other - however this might bring some problems in the heating of the studio...

Sketchbook work on the 2nd model - showing how one could enter the studio and cabin using stairs.
Some location research - what would be the best location for the cabin and studio on the given site??

This is the third model - I tried to pay attention on the doors on this model, because I hadn't done so in the earlier ones. I simply had let some open spaces where I might want a door. I tried to keep everything open to change, instead of making final decisions already.

Layout paper on site - exploring a really good idea I had after my Friday tutorial with Kati: she told me that I should have aims and a concept for a design (CAD?). So I thought about it and did an A3 plan of the site with my ideas: