Selection of Older Work

Selection of Older Work:

I woke up in the morning and decided today would be a good day to just look back at everything that I have done in art ever. I thought I would select some of the coolest stuff and post it here, trying not to repost any of the stuff that has already been posted in the past. If I unfortunately do re-post something, I might just give a link to and older post.

I have been very interested in art since I was in high school and the lessons got 'more serious'. They told us to get a sketchbook and draw in it every day, because it is all about practice practice practice. We were to apply the latin phrase "nulla dies sine linea" (no day without a line). I suppose I was particularly good at this, because I would just randomly scribble things into my sketchbooks anyway. This might have been annoying to those people who needed to actually think of something to draw before drawing it. Inspiration just seemed to come to me naturally. Not 'awesome' inspiration that made me do something fantastic. Simply some kind of inspiration.

I think our teacher taught us rather well - even if it was only 4 lessons every week.

So yeah, I think this might be an excessively long post about some art/sketchbook work. I am going to try to write something about each sketch, but I have selected 48, so that might make it very long, so just look at the pictures.

Additionally notice that these are rather abstract and non-architectural.

The following links are for even more 'older work'. Sketchbook 1 & Sketchbook 2

Thank you for looking! Now please comment underneath or click on one of the options...

((PS. I figured a very efficient way of posting lots of pictures on my blog in High Quality very efficiently. This post is the first of my 'higher quality posts'. More will follow next week and next year!!))

Merry Christmas!