Photography: Newcastle Castle Keep

On Sunday I decided to go to try to take some pictures of the Tyne from the top of the Newcastle Castle Keep before sunset. Things I learned from this small trip were: buy a tripod, bring a cleaning cloth and an umbrella. Warm clothing is essential too, since I think that I might have caught a cold... I timed my visit so I would enter at about 4:15, when the last people are allowed to enter. The Castle closes at 5pm which is about 23 min after it started getting dark. Luckily it is winter and it gets night quite fast and early. In summer this kind of photography is almost impossible from the top, since it gets dark after 6.

I tried to be thorough about editing these pictures to their best potential, which I haven't always done with all the photos I have uploaded here. I hope you enjoy a special angle of the Tyne.

Photos from Newcastle Castle Keep


And finally the Sage by Sir Norman Foster. I kind of like this

SAGE Gateshead