Portfolio Interview

So this Thursday 12th of January, I will have a rather short portfolio interview. I should be alright, since I have done everything so far this semester. However, the brief for the interview demands us to have a 'beautiful drawing' as the opening page of our portfolio. Personally I am rather worried about this, because I don't have any idea what my beautiful drawing should be.
We are encouraged to choose work which reflects our skill as a designer rather than nice pictures of buildings we have drawn. This drawing should get someone talking in an interview.
Question: 'how big should this drawing even be?' - well, some people have opted for the A1 size, I believe, since that is the size of the 'opening page' of a A1 portfolio anyway. I am not so sure I want to be producing a new piece of work at A1, since I am not going to paint anything (I have no paints or brushes for large scale painting (or the time)). So I suppose I will just go 'small' and do a A3 drawing, which is 'beautiful' according to my mother, who is always really critical and actually knows a bit about art herself.

So here is my beautiful opening page of my portfolio & the separating sheets:

Obviously, because the interviews are intended as "a positive process contributing to your learning experience and to the development of an analytical and reflective attitude to our own work." we must write a 200 word reflective account of the work of the semester and our aspirations for Semester 2.

So here it is vaguely. Just look at all my posts for reference of semester 1:
- Professional Studies Week one, two, and three.
- A Place of Refuge Week one, two, three &

Then obviously, I have to add a post about my city drawing here somehow, because I never did a post of that I think...

I am also trying to sort a website to put my portfolio in for the future...