'Thoughts on Travelling' by Sanni

Well, I thought that I would kind of promote a rather mysterious short film one of my friends did for her university work. Apparently the 'idea is based on identity and how different languages can create one nationality... or something like that!' One must kind of know French to understand half of the words, but I thought that it was a rather good dialogue between nations and languages. Well done Sanni.

Thoughts on Travelling from Sanni Fiina on Vimeo.

Well, it is a bit abstract, with its constant sense of movement etc. but nevertheless a quite good achievement. However, the sound quality might be a bit dodgy, but what can you expect when the only sound is that of a train... I would just try to understand the dialogue.

Link: http://vimeo.com/35074178

PS. Please note that I take no credit whatsoever in this work.

It is not mine, but the copyright of Sanni, so please do not steal her ideas or work without her consent.