Project 4: "What's Cooking?" (Week 4)

This week mainly consisted about designing the cookery school with the aid of a 1:50 development model, plans, sections, thoughts about stairs & light. Additionally important, was the fact that we had a interim crit (review) on Thursday. This was mainly in order to see that people are doing alright, and on track, on this long project. I suppose these crits were also to see how every-ones design has developed and how it can be improved for the future.

This week I was told not to excavate the site, which proved a bit tricky since my ideas were based on a bodega, essentially a basement-style cooking area. However, I managed to come up with solutions for these and design a rather insteresting entrance sequence for the cookery school with the help of a tutor.

I also looked specifically at the sizes of kitchen appliances in order to measure out how large the kitchen would need to be. I decided that it might be a clever idea of having the teaching, eating and cooking on two separate levels, creating the contrast between cold and hot tapas.

Additionally, I found a rather interesting precedent that might help me in the future designs of the cookery school: "Dirty House" by David Adjaye. The materiality and hovering roof gave me loads of inspiring ideas for the form of my building.

I built a 1:50 site model out of 12mm MDF, which was efficient, since each step on the site is 600mm in 1:1. I tried to think of the journey a person takes when going to the cookery school while maintaining the limited outdoor space that was required.

Finally I spent some time building a development model at 1:50, which helped me to visualize the different elevations and sections possible in the building. I did this through the help of some quite rough plans. My main problem was that I had no definite idea about the layout of the ground floor. This meant that in the interim crit, I had no successful plan to show. I believe I had the ideas, but I was simply unable to explain them properly without the aid of a properly drawn plan and section. Perhaps a reason for this was the fact that I went straight into 1:50 instead of making the plans at 1:100. This is important, since 1:100 gives a very limited amount of detail. I felt forced to draw materiality at 1:50, because of large patches of blank paper on the floor surfaces.

I really do not know how to emphasize the fact that these are not very good or well planned plans. I really should have worked smaller or had a specific idea... However, they gave me a rather interesting basis to work on after todays design lecture, so I cannot say these were totally useless.

After having done a lot of plans, I got several ideas with the help of some second and third years, along with tutors and fellow students. I hope to develop these ideas further in the next weeks to come with a final proposal for my tapas cookery school.

This week I mainly focused on getting a kind of idea of what I wish to do with my cookery school, since I have a rather large pool of ideas to choose from, and I sometimes try to bring them all out instead of being very selective with my design ideas. One learns through all these steps...

I needed to do a section showing inhabitation and light, so I started doing one on Friday... it doesn't count as Week 4, but here it is nevertheless:
(N.B. This isn't finished and I think has some mistakes...)