Project 4: "What's Cooking?" (Week 5)

During the fifth week of this project, we were meant to look at the material qualities of our buildings and their facade. Along with a workshop on Wednesday morning in which we did a Poster and 3 other A2 drawings with different media, we were meant to be revising the cooking spaces and our models. Perhaps create a 1:50 detailed model of an important space in the model.

On Friday 2nd of March, we shall go to Durham Cathedral, and I think I shall be posting a Photography/Architecture post here on my blog about it. I have been to Durham before, but never had my camera along. I shall see what happens. Hopefully I will get some interesting pictures that I can base my history of architecture essay on. Additionally, I shall be illustrating the city and the cathedral.

Nevertheless, design has gone slower than usual this week, since I have been thinking a lot about what and how I want my cookery school to work. Taking some time to think and look at everything I have done, has perhaps opened my eyes to certain facts that I should disregard in my designs. I shall see what happens.

Most importantly, closing in on the last 10 days of our longest project so far, a bit of a rest might be important. Hence I will try to calm down a bit and simply let further solutions come naturally, since most of the design has kind of been done. Nevertheless, I might do some atmospheric drawings and sketches: who knows? Spend a day locked in my room (not in the studio where I have been every single day in February), looking at the white ceiling and trying not to imagine anything to do with architecture......

Plans of the three floors at 1:100 :

I tend to work on my small sketchbook almost every day, trying to get ideas and recording the things I have achieved. The following are not particularly interesting design-wise, but show several ideas I have had for the design.

I feel as if I have not done as much this week as the last 4 weeks, since I didn't model at all. However, I suppose I got some interesting solutions for several issues I had with my building entrance. Additionally I got several ideas that I need to take further perhaps. Looking forward to end this project - it has taught me a lot!