Art: Abstract Acrylic Layering

Last night and today, and probably tomorrow I am painting with acrylic paints and using a method of masking tape to create an interesting abstract painting (hopefully with plenty of colour) for one of my walls.

Here is the sequence of photographs of me working on the painting. I take one every time I remove or add a layer. I might even considering adding some photoshop layers after finishing the physical painting. I called it Abstract Acrylic Layering. I am not sure whether anyone else has used this term before, but that's what I would call it if anything.

Additionally, I am working on a 40x40 cm canvas. I am trying different methods of painting abstractly to create an original and experiential painting of light.

"Black Sky - White Sea Monster"

(Cool, I just realized I can make an album and embed the whole album... How lovely indeed)