Post number 99: Photography: Brussels

So far, it seems, I have poster 99 times on this blog. Hence I thought that I would open a question to people: "What would you like the hundredth post be about? Art/Architecture/Photography? Or something totally different? I am keen on all forms of artistic options. So, please, do send me a message or comment if you have any ideas on what this mysterious hundredth post could be about. If not... I will just keep it a blank post and post something super cool on it after a while.

Anyhow. Today I shall be focusing on some photography of Brussels: I went to the Arch at the 50th birthday park to take some interesting shots of the architecture. Additionally I decided to go hunting for Victor Horta buildings around Brussels.

These are the more successful photographs:

Berlaymont Panoramic shot

And then I found out about some cool lenses that might make architectural photography quite interesting. Unfortunately they are pretty pricey. They are tilt-shift lenses. See what they do: