Project 4: "What's Cooking?" (Site Revisit)

Today was a sunny and warm day in Newcastle and I decided to go to the site to see it with new, fresh eyes. I spent a few hours there contemplating the beauty and the life of the quay and the surrounding spaces around our site.

A change in lighting conditions makes a huge different to a place. The first visit was ruined by the cold. I don't think anyone got the full potential of the site from that. Hence, I wanted to use time effeciently before my final review and experience the site once more.

All this meant that I noticed several things I might have not paid attention to during my first visit exactly a month ago. (10.02.2012)

The visit inspired a lot of work:

Views of site, from above (inside the lighthouse, as close as I could physically get).

Sketching the site.

Site panorama through some filters.

Panoramic shot of the Tyne

Lighthouse with some rendering.

Thinking about the way my final review layout could possibly look like.

And I got along with my final model too: It looks like this now... It should be much better by Tuesday (I hope).