Project 4: "What's Cooking?" (Week 6)

Week 6 on this project is almost the last of the lot. Well, it is the one before the final reviews. This means we essentially have one week to finish off and present everything nicely on some A1 or A2 boards etc.

This week I made a site model with a material qualities model, and some final plans at 1:50 and a site plan and section at 1:50. Additionally I started thinking about everything I shall be displaying on my boards and how the presentation would work out. This is not an easy feat, since I do have to do some selecting and trimming of the work that best shows my final answer to the cookery school. Hence, I write, for myself, for others: this helps me figure out how to continuing further.

Additionally, I thought about a final 1:50 model that would show my interiors more specifically. I was hesitant about the materials I would use for this model, but I decided I would craft it in the workshop again, and perhaps paint the wood.

Here are some of the things I accomplished on week 6 of the project, (not counting the thoughts I had about the Final week and the presentation).


Site section with context at 1:100 scale, showing lighthouse above my cookery school; 'Dark house'. Based on this section, I started modelling a 1:100 site context model with a 1:100 solid model on it:

The model is a plaster cast solid with carved voids and windows. I shall add my textural grid on it before the crit. The glass box with stairs in the back of the building is modelled with styrofoam and 3mm dowel.

Site model at 1:100 looking from the quayside. I might add some more detailing on this model if I have time for it.

'Dark House' Ground Floor plan 1:50


'Dark House' 1st Floor Plan 1:50


'Dark House' Top Floor Plan 1:50

These three plans are what I am basing my final 1:50 model on: they are quite almost done. Everything seems to fit rather well on a 600mm x 600mm gridwork, which relates to the 600mm concrete steps that were already found on the site.
Additionally I did some actual coloured rendering of the materials, but it was rather poor photoshopmanship.

Old 1:100 model flipped upside down with grid to show how I started developping a new answer for the final model after the 3rd week of the project. Study models are very useful in this regard.

Some interesting small sketchbook writing on pictures about the site model.