Project 4: "What's Cooking?" (Week 7 - Final Week)

This post is to show the work that I did on the last week of this project. Most of the work was based for the final presentation (the previous post), hence I decided to show the process which enabled me to reach the closing stages of the longest architectural design project I have done so far. I might additionally highlight some of the most important facts about my final designs and give insight into what might have been slightly off with different parts of my solution for a cookery school for the North Shields quay.


Ideas Booklet: (that I just lost today for some reason):

Thank you for following this awesome project. Next time you will see this is in a month when I show some of the work I have done for the Professional Studies CAD submission. We are making our design on SketchUP, AutoCAD and Photoshop into a pleasant 'competition-style' submission.