SketchUP Model: Dark House (Day 1)

After a week of not really thinking about architecture, I decided to tackle a sketchUp model of my design for the cookery school. I guess I had forgotten several measurements, but it started going rather well. Right now, I could have it relatively well finished tonight, but I think I shall read up on ways to render the model after doing that. Hence I am uploading a short animation of how the model stands now. It isn't finished at all yet, but sometimes unfinished work might be interesting, especially when you can see the process and progress made.

Non-finished SketchUP model of Dark House Cookery School.

After doing this model partially, I thought that I would try applying some of the rendering techniques shown on a very useful website by Alex Hogrefe. I will certainly be working all day tomorrow and tonight to improve my sketchUP model, and maybe try to finally download AutoCAD 2011 for mac, since it it did NOT seem to want to work for me earlier...

A good idea would be look at some tutorial from youtube: Alex Hogrefe seems to be quite good at this.