SketchUP Model: Dark House (Day 2)

I spent a few hours today doing some more SketchUp work. Basically it was some improvement from the work I did over the week-end. I found out some more effective ways of showing materiality and how to add layers etc. The only way to learn sketchUP properly is doing it with the aid and memory of tutorials and finding out yourself how all the different things work. I almost finalized all the components in my model, so I made an animation with sections and tried to photoshop some 2d pictures in order to make them interesting with some filters and layers. Maybe I will try to develop my own style in working with SketchUP and Photoshop by personalizing certain options.

Here are some photos that I exported straight from SketchUP without any editing:

And the following few pictures are photoshopped using different techniques of applying layers with different opacities and different types of SketchUP exports. The two first are simple filter and level edits with some opacity.

This is the animation that I made to show the different pieces in the SketchUP Model. I might do a similar one showing all the different components and how the file works, when I have finished it. At the moment I am trying to make a cladding component with two minutely different blacks to create a contrast in the dark cladding of the building. I shall have it most likely close to finished the next time I give the model some work.

Finally I played with some different types of SketchUP exports on photoshop to create layers by adding some filters and opacity to this section. I learned loads. Now I simply need to create some context to the model, perhaps, to achieve a more 'realistic' look.

Please, any constructive comments would be a pleasure. I need to think of new ways to show my rendering. If anyone has any links to some-one interesting, please leave a comment, or then just give advice or constructive criticism. Thanks! Hugs.