SketchUP Model: Dark House (Day 3)

So, here I am on my sketchUP model again... I tried to take into account several things people have told me to do to render the model... but first of all I made 2 components for the 600x600 mm tiles, to create a 'more realistic', yet abstracted feel to the model. I also tried the sandbox tool to create the slope with the lighthouse behind the site. I approximated the size of the lighthouse, there was no other way that I could think about doing it. It looks reasonably alright I guess. However, I am going to try all possible different methods, I can.

These are some of the images I used while making my 'final' views. I think I need to aid of some-one really good to improve my model. I don't like it anymore for some reason.

Additionally I started working my plans on AutoCAD 2011 for Mac, since I finally managed to download it and install it.

Most of these aren't almost nearly finished. I need to polish a few 50mm mistakes that I had made while measuring stuff and 1:50 on my plans while designing... some walls need to be shifted slightly, but this shouldn't cause any major upsets in the way my building is meant to work.

(Updated 02.04.2012)

I decided to try some night rendering of my SketchUP model using the tutorial of Alex Hogrefe. I embedded the video of the tutorial below. I think his techniques could very well be applied in the future. This is what I managed to do in about 45min of learning his moves by heart.