Art: Abstract Acrylic Layering 2

This is probably going to be my last post during the Easter holidays. That means, the next posts will be about architecture again, hopefully. Probably something to do about my next project, and then after that I shall have to see, maybe about my portfolio. I do truly wonder how it will look and I am rather impatient.

During the last week, I have painted on canvas again. I went crazy and bought a 90x70 canvas to attempt another acrylic painting on it, that I call 'Abstract Acrylic Layering'. The name of the painting is not as original as the earlier work, since I didn't ask my naming expert... if he does read this, he might suggest another name perhaps??... but for now, it is called "Colour Storm"; rather unoriginal, since it doesn't suggest much more than one sees. I made another album of the progress of the painting.

Here we go, enjoy!

'Colour Storm' 70x90 cm canvas, Acrylic, Black Indian Ink, Gouache, Layered (2012)

I happily accept any creative comments and ideas for future paintings... Thanks!!