Art: Abstract Paintings

Lately I have been painting and drawing quite a lot. Actually, more painting than drawing, which I normally do not. Hence I decided to post some art related stuff here.

Here it goes.

This one I called 'Chaos in Space', and I think I started it some time in 2011 by putting different colours on a gray A2 piece of paper and afterwards drawing different shapes on it with a black marker. This shows a uniformity that was broken, by the chaos, of colours that make up the background. I added a layer of noise with Photoshop on it to add to the painting. In reality, I guess it looks slightly different. Hence it falls under the category of multimedia, which I like to do very much.

'Chaos in Space' - A2, Acrylics and Gouache on gray paper.

The next abstract painting is 'The RED STRIPE', which is another unfinished work that I finished now during Easter. This painting relates to Architecture, since it was a rough sketch for a school project on architecture. It was meant to show experience of movement on an abstracted street. I added several elements to the painting, since it had been on my wall look dull and miserable for a while. The reason for the red element is to a forbidden yet desirable element that is often found on every street. I shall leave this element to ones own interpretation. Additionally, I used very light layers on photoshop to the photograph, but this shouldn't radically change the feel of the A2 painting.

'The RED STRIPE' - A2, Acrylics and Collage on gray paper.

The third abstract painting isn't finished yet, since it needs several layers and essential elements to convey an atmosphere and a feeling. It is a rather long painting, possibly good for a rather large window. I would like to make it show qualities of abstracted light, but I am not sure how I will achieve this yet... Right now, it looks like this:
(Obviously I will update it when it is finished and show the process - I love processes)

'The Abstraction of Light*' 155x30 cm, non-finished, acrylics and marker.

The fourth abstract painting that I have tried to finish during Easter is a rather interesting A2 painting, that is very experiential. I didn't know for long what to call it, but I ended up calling it 'The MOMENT' or actually 'The INSTANT'. Here it is.

'The INSTANT', A2, Acrylics, collage and black indian Ink.

Additionally I have at least two works that I could work on. They are the two following A2 painting backgrounds, that are nameless so far. I will have to see if inspiration hits me.