Project 5: Urban Design (Week 2)

After visiting the site on Sunday and meeting up with the group for initial ideas about how we would develop our chosen site, we came up with a fullness of ideas that we could apply for the site. However, we didn't have a final answer for the tutorial, but through perseverance, I guess, we decided to keep on working as a group towards a common suggestion for the site in question.

Our group chose site A: Pilgrim Street.

Boards that we did with precedents and site relationships in Newcastle, with the roots of a concept developping. Lots of ideas and questions emerged in our tutorial on Thursday: for instance the following:

- a sort of revival of visual arts.

- how to link the site with the rest of Newcastle?
- how to deal with the street frontage?
- how to translate ideas into a final suggestion?
- idea of an arcade linking the zones?
- how would access to the site be improved?
- how to make it work like a magnet for people?
- how to deal with the periphery of the site?
- train? Vertical statement?
- river section; important?
- idea of sculpture park improved?
- PILGRIMAGE OF ART - catchy title, but only if we apply the name to the concept itself?
- separation of spaces?
- tourism?
- would we aim for it to become the new monument?

All these questions should perhaps be assessed and answered in order to develop the ideas further by the group...

Night-time footage of the site (rough) - we are to produce some sort of video of our proposals to the site. This is purely visual at the moment, but I believe we will produce a final version by next Friday. (it is meant to be roughly 3 minutes long and show our 'concept' somehow).

Contour map of the chosen site for a possible laser cut model on Monday??

Photographs of site.