CAD: Professional Studies submission

After finishing and handing in my portfolio for the whole of the first year of architecture, I shall be finishing my Professional Studies submission, in which I am meant to be using three different computer aided media for achieving a competition submission leaflet of our "What's Cooking?" project. This leaflet should show to an architect, a chef and a panel of people that my design is the one they want. Hence I will probably have a compelling graphic on my first page, some explanatory views of the building made using sketch-UP and Photoshop and then finally a thorough walkthrough of the building in plan and section from AutoCAD.

This is what it looks like:

At this present moment my work isn't ready for submission, but I have attempted various ways of working and perhaps developped a graphical style with the computer: some of the work I have achieved so far looks the following way: (This is a selection of some random stuff I just did, before submitting)

Thank you for having a look.