Portfolio submission

Photographs of all my boards of my first year architecture portfolio at Newcastle University. Submitted on the 25.05.2012, before 2pm. I made an A4 booklet, bound, with the pages of my portfolio and some additional information too.

Hopefully it will be good...

After this deadline, we only have two more assessed pieces of work: a history examination and a CAD submission. I shall be posting about the CAD later next week, when I have it finished. And hopefully during the holidays i will be posting more Art and Photography related stuff.

Spread of the portfolio on one of the tables in the First Year Architecture Studios in the Building Science Building at Newcastle University. This building will radically change during the 2012 Summer, since it is becoming the new PG Architecture School. I am glad to have studied in such a 'historic' location.

First Year Architecture Portfolio booklet - I decided to make an A4 booklet out of my portfolio, since I did not use plastic sheets for my A1 portfolio. This made the flipping of the pages rather time consuming. Hence the booklet seemed like a clever solution to the problem. Additionally, I wanted to show off some of the 1st year architecture models that I had done throughout the year. You can see these below, with some architecture sketchbook work that I did for the "What's Cooking?" project from February 2012 until March 2012.

Selection of work from my small sketchbook: