Project 5: Urban Design (Week 3)

With time ticking, the deadline for the urban design project is closing in and our group has worked hard to reach the finishing stages of the intervention on our site on Pilgrim Street. On Monday, I laser cut the contours of the site: it was the first time I used the laser cutter. It was challenging, but I managed and the site was soon being built. We chose to use rather rough materials for the site instead of going with the general architectural look of models. The site model is about A1 size at 1:250. After slowly building the site model and developing our ideas further, we have the reached the stage of finishing the boards and presentation. Additionally, we are making a short film for our presentation.

Sequence of pictures of our group building the laser cut site model for the presentation using clay to show different materiality of the surroundings and the site.

After talking to some tutors, I guess we got a good idea of what we need to do for the crit. The following notes might be of help to us:

Make analysis of surroundings clear for presentation.
A good plan and section will strengthen the presentation.
Details on sketch-up will make the presentation more believable.
The objective is to link the ideas to research and justify them.

Hence, I thought writing the way the future of the site works might be essential.

Look forward to the last post of the Urban Design Project which should explain thoroughly how the presentation went and how our site would work. Thanks for reading!