Project 00: Charrette

On the first week of this year, we did a week-long charrette project. Unlike last year, the project was done in large groups of students from all across the school, while students were randomly assigned into different projects with varying leaders. Among these project leaders there were practising architects, who in the short week managed to guide us through the phases of each project.

I was given the B-line project, in which we had the task of giving ideas for the future of Northumberland Street by means of observation, analysis, modelling and proposing solutions or changes that might improve the street.

Additionally, we were divided into sub-groups within the B-line charrette in order to answer several questions as a means of analysing and coming up with conclusions. 

Our group recorded the work done throughout the week as a time-lapse, that was shown in the final pin-up on Friday, among the conclusions, the wall of analysis, the ideas, our rough models etc.