Project 03: Economy, Simplicity, Home (Week2)

During the second week of designing and thinking of Foyer for Newcastle, I chose Site A to develop some rough spatial designs. My choice of site was based on the analysis done on the first week... Through my design, I want to achieve some goals: - I want the inhabitants of the Foyer to be part of the community; to turn outwards and interact with it, instead of turning inwards or towards gangs etc. - I want to achieve this through the design of spaces...

I guess during this week in the project I was starting to get ideas of how my building should take place. However, I seemed rather lost. In retrospect, as I am writing this on the 25.11.2012, I think that these gave a 'conceptual' basis for my design for the interim crit. Even though that design was not as detail as is hopefully to be expected in the final crit. These ideas should be brought forward for a final design.

I find writing easier after having had some time to think about what I have achieved easier, than writing while exploring ideas, since I cannot possibly know specifically how my designs will evolve at the time. Hence, I guess it is much easier to look back in time and say: "That's what I wanted!!" while at the time everything seemed rather hopeless, fruitless or without a specific direction.

Some-one in third year told me that every designer is frustrated until they find their idea. When they do find this idea, they instantly start thinking more positevely, and even the time that was spent being frustrated about not having an idea, can be seen as a positive experience.