Project 03: Simplicity, Economy, Home (Pre-interim)

To finish the third week of the Simplicity, Economy, Home, we had an interim crit. To prepare for this, I completed the work below:


It's time to catch up on some writing for my blog to record what I am thinking right now in time. I shall have updated several of the last posts remembering and commenting on what work I achieved and how I worked in order to arrive to such conclusions.

For this interim crit, I prepared by designing the shell for what is to come from the design; hence it might look rather vague, but I already know what direction my designs will be going. The Foyer will be more detailed definitely! After the crit, I was told to make several cross-sections and work using that method, especially looking at how my 'skyspace' works in relation to all the spaces by linking them together, but also with the weather outside and the exterior. These thoughts should be explored and developped.

Thanks for reading.