Project 03: Simplicity, Economy, Home (Week1)

Right after finishing our Placed, Displaced project, we were given a new, longer project: to design a Foyer for Newcastle on one of two given sites.

On the first week, we visited both sites and anylised them as groups. This was meant to lead to a decision of which site to start designing our proposals for. Below, I have compiled some thoughtwork and analysis I did during the first week of the project:

Please note that this Learning Journal page needs to be heavily edited in the future (and probably won't be like this forever... I shall just have it here as one step along my journey)

This was probably my most vague Learning Journal page so far, because nothing much happened during this first week of the project; it seemed like a useless waste of time. However, looking back, I think it was probably one of the most useful periods of time during the project, since it gave us, me, a good background on both sites. This background, is obviously necessary while designing. Especially when you go further with a design.