Project 03: Simplicity, Economy, Home (Week4)

The fourth week of the Foyer project was in my opinion the most useful week in regards to design, since it started with the interim crit on Monday. During this crit, I was given useful feedback about how to continue with my work. This really encouraged me to continue with my design, and specifically giving it some more detail, depth, context and thought. What really helped me was the Thursday lecture with Bill, since it answered to several of my questions, and gave me something to look forward to: a lot of work! This is actually enjoyable when you have managed to develop your ideas until the point in which you don't need to think too hard about starting to design spaces etc.

I didn't produce as much work as for the interim crit this week, but the work was most useful in bringing me forward with the design, what I want to convey with my Foyer, and finally in order to start the final processes that every project requires: the presentation stage, in which I usually spend a long time producing beautiful, detailed plans and sections, useful drawings to explain my work, and write extensively my inspirations, achievements and aspirations for my Foyer. It's a lot of work, but it's most enjoyable.

I have started to observe that having a Learning Journal, aside from a set of sketchbooks and a blog, is quite an interesting method of summarising the work accomplished in a week. Additionally, it is seems to work for me as a tool that I can go back and read and ponder - what was I thinking about? Simply by working with the learning journal pages, I seem to be learning layout, working with lots of pieces of work to accomplish a something larger than the sum of all its parts - a comprehensive journey through my studies. 

I seem to also have a conversation with my past self. I am no longer the same person who created the first page of my Learning Journal - I have in fact evolved into some-one else; and by looking back and exploring the new ways that I have learned through the journal, I can learn from myself, and be inspired.