Project 03: Simplicity, Economy, Home (Final Crit)

The following is my Final Presentation for the Economy, Simplicity, Home Project.

My design for the Foyer at Strawberry Place has a strong link with the outside world – a long sky-lighted space that runs through the entirety of the building next to the main corridors of the rooms, the common room and the workshop. This design allows for light in the interior spaces and works as a way to keep in contact with the weather and life outside.

The rooms of the people are a refuge from the world, a place of escape, yet a place to escape from. From the small enclosed space, into the comparative lightness of the corridor of the ‘sky-space’, the corridor for the light, the extension of ones room, one can perform part of a slow architectural promenade: through the building - from the room, through the corridor, downstairs, outside, around the Foyer, past the display windows of the cafe, into the main entrance of the Workshop, in which the skyspace frames the verticality of the space: creating a sense of being part of something more than just a building - a sense of purposeful existence.

Vertical timber strips create a sensation of being in a forest, through which glimpses of light and the spaces within the Foyer can be seen. Additionally they create a link with the exterior world, and perhaps a sense of entrapment, a feeling of wanting to escape ones own prison; the prison of the mind – a ‘prison’ one can escape willingly.

Plans 1:100

Section A-a:

Section B-b

Detail Plan of a bedroom:

Perspective Section:

Sketch of 'skyspace'