Project 04: Civic Centred (Site Analysis)

This week we started one of our longest projects due in second year of architecture at Newcastle University. The intention of the project is to design a a medium sized public building in Tynemouth; a civic centre of some sort. We were given an choice of four different sites (or any reasonable site within the town) and a choice of two from three optional areas of interest for the centre; leisure, government and culture. 

After having visited all the sites, I decided to choose a site to focus my first week of work on. My interest was on the site by the Catholic Church, because there was something eery about it; something was missing... 

Front Street in Tynemouth is a terraced street, yet there is a very large gap in front of the Catholic Church, which serves as a 'lovely' garden. However, this garden is gated with spiked garden walls, and has been locked every single time I walked by... fairly interesting. 

This, along with my interest for the buildings next to the site, made me choose the it. Thorough analysis of the site proved helpful for me to start understanding how the site came to be; there was previously a building on the site and it was demolished only during WWII when a German bomber dropped a sea-mine on the mouth of the Tyne.

The other sites given for the brief did not seem suitable for a civic centre, a new centre, a core, for the community of Tynemouth. 

I have attached some slides and pictures of some of my site analysis underneath. If you are interested in any of the work, please ask.