Project 04: Civic Centred (Week 3)

This week, I started thinking about the advice Simon and Tony gave me on Monday and Tuesday, and to come up with some plans and sections for the tutorial, along with a 1:100 spatial model.

I made an interesting exploration of a bookcase at 1:10, that I proposed to have within my design. It integrated seating and enough space for books. On Saturday morning I visited the Literary and Philosophic Society in Newcastle, and this inspired me to start working on a design.

There were several things I looked at during this 3rd week of the project, they name include bookcases, gaps, transparencies, opacities, the back of the site, and different scales; the scale of the town compared to the scale of the book and human person. Additionally, I looked at how components work within components and I had many questions about how the different spaces within the design would work and fit together on the site. 

I was also preoccupied with ensuring enough outdoor spaces for the users of the building. On Sunday, I started looking at more precise plans and looking back at a larger scale of the city. Before the tutorial, I explored mainly in plans, but I decided upon making a rough 1:100 study model to show how the spaces would work in relation to each other.


Learning Journals 10-14?? : I have been thinking that I should maybe improve the layout of my Learning Journal into A3, instead of the square format it currently is. Hence, I have not completed the picture editing for my learning Journal Pages so far. However, the text in this blog is mainly considered my learning Journal, until I get it into printed format again.