Project 04: Civic Centred (Week 4)

This week I finally started playing around with Autodesk Revit, since I had more concrete 'plans' and ideas that I wanted to model. I made quite quick progress learning some of the aspects of the program. I think it will help me to start thinking three dimensionally when designing, in plan, section, elevation and 3D simultaneously, instead of in succession, like I used to do. 

I will obviously not stop thinking with my pen, I find it helps me to figure out what I want exactly from my design, instead of blindly modelling infinite random aspects of a building on the program... I also found that using the program can be quite nice for rendering accurate and pleasant views of the interior of a design. However, this obviously needs hours and hours of practice that might not be easy to accomplish during the time of a design project. Regardless, I think it will be helpful for my progress as an architecture student.

In order to build this Revit model, I used the general layout of spaces I had thought about before, with some minor changes. Additionally, I focused on some of the important, key spaces within the building, like the circulation and the debating chamber of the moot hall. I thought of the Literary Co-op Stack space as an important space, but I had focused a lot on it by already designing an interesting bookcase system. This served me as an inspiration for produce some parti diagrams, and to start figuring out the street facade of my design - which was one of my interests that I didn’t particularly focus on during designing the spaces inside the Civic Centre.

Obviously, the work below is not everything I have done during the fourth week; only a vague extract of some of my work. I shall be more concise after I edit these posts while I work towards my portfolio during Easter.